I live in rural Alabama with my husband, Arjun, and our 5-year old (Indian) son, AJ. I named my web log http://www.hkgolfshop.com/ thanks to my passion for writing, and my love of house vogue.

I typically web blog 5 times per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and you’ll subscribe via RSS if you’d wish to get an email whenever I publish a brand new post.

My web blog design is custom styled and created by Bethany Fox and Megan Jacks. My post font is Georgia and my cursive writing style is Sunshine in my Soul. http://www.hkgolfshop.com is a self hosted web blog through WordPress.org and that we can’t say enough goodies concerning my internet technical school friend, Shauna Peters, and Beckie Jarrett, who have done web blog line of work genius!

There’s excitement in not knowing what you’re attending to reveal concerning yourself or your surroundings at some point to the next- and my hope is that at some point I will reminisce thorough these posts and smile and huge concerning days lapsed and also my friends are here up with me from week to week!

Jacky Rowden