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Two Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Conventional Dryer Sheets

For years, you have been mislead by conventional dryer sheets. You toss a few in the dryer with your wet clothes and they come out wrinkle free and smelling great! Maybe you have been told that they work great for other things, like dusting or that they calm your dog if you rub them down with a dryer sheet during a thunderstorm. Many of you may even place a dryer sheet in your dresser drawers or closet to keep your clothes smelling fresh. There’s even a few people out there who swear by dryer sheets, as an insect repellant. Just rub the dryer sheet on your skin and keep the mosquitos away. They’re harmless, right? Actually, they are quite the opposite and once you read the rest of this, you will probably purge every dryer sheet and regret ever buying them in the first place. Don’t worry there are wool balls dryer sheets you can use as a natural alternative. Wool dryer balls will do the same thing as those toxic dryer sheets, without putting you and your family in harm’s way.

Two Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Conventional Dryer Sheets

They’re Full of Toxic Chemicals

Most people read the ingredients on their food and beverages. Have you ever read the ingredients on your box of dryer sheets? Probably not, considering the manufacturer is not legally obligated to divulge such information. However you can look it up and the results are absolutely terrifying. There are so many toxic chemicals, carcinogens and other hazardous materials in your dryer sheets. Chemicals like chloroform, camphor and ethyl acetate, to name a few. These chemicals are listed on the US EPA’s Hazardous Waste list. Most of the chemicals found in your dryer sheets can cause huge health risks. Central nervous system disorders and respiratory problems are a result of these toxic chemicals and can harm you and your family. It also can effect the people around you. Your clothes will emit these toxic fumes into the air and will seep into your skin. That ‘clean clothes’ smell coming from your dryer vent is also putting those toxins into the air we breathe.

Two Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Conventional Dryer Sheets

You Spend a Lot of Money on Dryer Sheets

Most people, who use dryer sheets, don’t stick to the one sheet per load recommendation. You may toss three or four dryer sheets into a large load and two or three in a small load. Doing this will stretch your box of toxic dryer sheets, for about ten loads of laundry. On average, a box of name brand dryer sheets, can cost around six to eight dollars. That equals out to just under two hundred dollars a year. That’s a lot of money spent on toxic dryer sheets. So, stop buying those dryer sheets and put your money elsewhere. How will you live without them? That’s easy. Invest in a set of wool dryer balls. They are made of 100% natural wool, don’t have any chemicals and will last for over 2,000 loads of laundry. You can also easily make your own dryer balls out of wool yarn or recycle your old wool sweaters and make them into dryer balls. These wool dryer balls will fluff your clothes during the drying process and absorb static electricity. Add a few drops of essential oils and your dryer balls will add a wonderful scent to your clean laundry. You will also be saving money on your electric bill; because wool dryer balls lower the drying time and won’t make your dryer work harder than it has to.

This being said, go ahead and ditch those toxic dryer sheets. You may also want to get rid of the liquid fabric softeners too. They are just as harmful and if you switch to wool dryer balls, you won’t need to add fabric softener anyways. Make your laundry room a safe and healthy place and keep those chemicals out of your home.

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