Fried Foods

Traditional fried foods are delicious and make great family meals, friend gatherings, party foods, and other special occasion foods. They are really tasty with a crispy texture, but are they all that healthy due to the frying them in oil. No deep fried foods are not really a healthy dish due to being deep fried in oil.

Air Fried Foods

There is a new modern way to cook fried foods that are much healthier and contain less fat that frying them the traditional way. The very same foods that you fry in a deep fryer can be air fried in an air fryer. If you want to know more about them, then this is a great Link and website My Fryer – Air Fryer.

Hot air frying is a new modern technique that most Americans are turning to for creating healthier meals for their family and friends. More people prefer air fryers to slow cookers and microwaves today. Air fryers are designed to circulate extremely hot air. Air fryers look similar to a deep fryer but the require less space for cooking because they do not require the use of cooking oil. Foods fried in an air fryer come out just as delicious and with the same crispy texture as frying in oil.

Air fryers are also much safer to use compared to the deep fryer which contains hot cooking oil. If a deep fryer is pulled over by a child, then a very hazardous situation can occur like being burned from the hot cooking oil. You might be asking,  what is an air fryer, if so click the previous link.

Air fried foods are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. By using an air fryer in your kitchen you will be saving yourself a whole lot of hassle, time, and money combined. You can save all the money you would have to spend on purchasing cooking oil.

Now you and your family can enjoy the same delicious fried foods cooked in an air fryer without all the fat, all the greasiness, all the grease mess to clean, and more.

Cleaning an air fryer requires much less maintenance than cleaning a deep fryer because you never have the grease build up to clean. Air fryers can be purchased in top quality name brands with a guarantee just like a deep fryer can.

Deep fried foods require more time to complete because you have to wait for the cooking oil to heat up before starting to deep fry. An air fryer requires less time for frying foods.

Air fryers are recommended by dietitians, nutritionists, weight loss professionals, professional chefs, and more. Air fryers can be used for cooking side dishes, main courses, desserts, seafood, vegetables, and more.

The next time you think about purchasing a new kitchen appliance, then choosing to purchase an air fryer will certainly make a nice future investment for your kitchen. Comparing prices online for an air fryer is easy.

Serve your delicious fried foods cooked in your new air fryer to friends, family, neighbors or party guests and they will never know the difference of them not being deep fried.

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